Welcome to my musings!

This website is a collection of ideas that come to me and seem important so I write them down and share them.

Over time my perspectives change and not all of these ideas always seem totally correct to me, but there seems to be value in trying to express them. Over time I've found this process quite rewarding and I'm sharing them in case there's someone out there who would find reading them rewarding too.

The format of this website is somewhat inspired by Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and The Book of Chuang Tzu which have been big inspirations for me.

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Thank you for being here! 😊

Further reading


I keep a shelf of personal development books I've read on Goodreads.


I don't really read many blogs, but I do happen to enjoy Raptitude.

Other things I've made

Here are some web apps that I built and are freely available online:

  • Meditate is a free and open source web app that allows you to time your meditations.
  • MoodTracker is a free and open source web app that lets you track your mood.
  • Webnotes is a free and open source web app that lets you create and manage notes.


If you want to get in touch then Twitter is probably the best option. Feel free to discuss anything in this blog or DM me if you have any feedback or suggestions 😊