A single thread ― 1 min read

A life is a precious thing,
A single filament of thread,
Spun through an infinitely interweaving tapestry.

All of us are bound together,
And have touched one another in profound ways,
Whether or not we realize it.

Our threads began long after the tapestry began,
And will end long before it ends.

Our stories are interdependent,
And all the meaning we derive from this life,
Is derived in the dance between us.

We are notes in a great symphony,
Drops in a vast ocean,
Motes of dust floating in a beam of early morning sunlight,
Stars glittering across a colossal sky.

To each and every creature out there,
I love you and feel you in my being.

We are infinitely many,
Yet we are one.

This poem came to me while grocery shopping on a Friday evening. I can see bits of this Martin Luther King Jr. quote and this Rumi quote in it.

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