All will be forgiven ― 1 min read

I have a real believe that when we die we'll meet again with everyone we ever loved or knew in this life and that when we do it will be a joyous relief. All will be forgiven and in death we'll experience a connection and understanding far deeper and more powerful than anything that was possible in this life. We will laugh at our misunderstandings and grievances. All our mortal troubles will evaporate into nothing, which they probably always were. I don't know why I believe this but I do and I feel it deep down.

This life sometimes makes me very sad. There is so much avoidable strife and pain. I'm sorry for the part I've played in it. I hope my belief is true. If not then I hope that people understand, on some level at least, that in spite of what might happen in this life, deep down we all yearn to be understood, connected, free and loved.

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