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Go out of your way to be kind to others. It is the people in this world that give it meaning and importance. Every kindness given to others is a nurturing and kindness towards the world you live in. If you can improve your world just a little bit each day then over time you will reap the benefits of your kindness many times over. Being kind to others ultimately means being kind to yourself and you cannot truly be one without the other.

Learn to spot and control the negativity you put out into the world and learn to nurture a positive and giving attitude backed up with real actions. It will make you an incredibly happy and fulfilled being and will improve the lives of those around you. Kind actions have knock-on consequences and who can tell how much good a little positivity can ultimately bring about.

Make kindness a practice in all your interactions with others, no matter how well you know them or what their background is, or even what their species is.

Being kind to others is one of the most important ways of being in this life.

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