Choices ― 1 min read

You only ever have 2 choices: to swim with the flow, or against it. To walk the Tao or not.

To think that we can choose our own destiny in any other way is folly. To imagine a possible future, to set a far off goal, like a profession, or an achievement, or anything of that sort, and working your life away for such a goal is not the Tao. It is trading gold for emptiness. It is trading your moment right now for something that does not exist and will never exist because, after all, it is just an idea.

Feel your way through your life and you may be very surprised at what happens to you and where you end up. Only if you do this will you have really experienced life instead of frittering it away on chasing shadows of a false future cast by your imagination. The more you seek, the further away you will get.

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