Don't doubt yourself ― 2 min read

Often in life I have doubted my feelings and what they were telling me about the choices I was making. Often I found the way I felt about things inconvenient or difficult to come to terms with. Sometimes I would doubt my feelings came from a good place and would think the problem was how I was looking at the world, perhaps if I could change my outlook or control my feelings then I could be happy with my current situation. However, I've never managed to achieve any significant change in outlook and every time I've acted on my feelings in a constructive way it has opened doors in my life that led to much happier places than I was capable of attaining by reasoning about my situation in my mind.

My feelings exist on a more fundamental plane than any thoughts I might have and they have much more power over my quality of life than my mind. No matter what my mind might think about my feelings, my feelings are what really matters.

Your feelings are your compass by which you navigate. If you doubt them you become lost and if you deny them you become at war with yourself. Trust your feelings and your instincts and use your mind to consciously heed and act on their guidance.

The true path to happiness is to align your thoughts with your feelings and to have both aspects of your being working together as one. All else follows from this foundation.

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