Feeling depressed ― 1 min read

Every so often I feel depressed. Like my life lacks meaning. Recently I've begun to notice that feeling depressed in and of itself is not so bad. What tends to make it worse is wishing I didn't feel depressed, or feeling there must be something wrong, or thinking that things are not how they should be. I find my mind struggles to figure out why I'm feeling depressed or how I can get out of feeling this way.

But just like quicksand, when I stop struggling I can actually almost enjoy feeling deflated and letting life swim past me. Once I let go of struggling to change things I feel like things become free to change by themselves.

I'm writing this to remind myself not to struggle against what is and not to worry about how to fix things that might not even be that broken. Next time I'm struggling to find a path out of my current situation I'd like to remember that I could do a lot worse than to stop struggling and to let the path find me.

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