Noone has all the answers ― 1 min read

Beware people who seem perfect. Beware people who appear to have all the answers. Remember shared wisdom:

  • Nobody is perfect.
  • Never meet your heroes.
  • If you see Buddha then kill him.

Remember that truth can only come from within. Beware ever ceding power to another. Be mindful of where you place the locus of control of your life.

Remember that every being is holy and none are superior to others. Beware the person who teaches freedom from the ego, but allows themselves to be followed and worshipped by others. Beware the person who allows others to attach themselves to them.

Beware secret knowledge. Remember, that you can learn to be happy, you can learn to adjust to difficult situations, and you can have experiences of deep wonder, oneness and connection if you allow and welcome these things into your life. You can be a being of love and fullness that brings light into the world. But remember that noone has all the answers. Knowing that is wisdom. Learn to listen deeply to the universe. Within and without.

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