Suffering and pain ― 2 min read

I believe we can separate pain from suffering and say that suffering is caused by the mind, whereas pain comes from the body.

It is the mind that causes suffering. Automatic thought processes that we get caught up in. Worrying about the future, regretting or missing the past. Even our ideas about the present (e.g. "this headache is so bad", "why do people have more than me?", "I feel so lonely" etc.). A lot of this suffering is caused by a negative attitude and fixation on negative things. If you have no control over your mind and what you think and how you look at the different aspects of your life then you have no control over your life.

A technique I find immensely helpful for preventing suffering is just to focus on the present moment - the here and now. I look at what's around me, really see, listen and feel it rather than being caught up in my own head. I see if I can go a single breath totally free from suffering and in perfect awareness, by filling my lungs with air, pausing, then exhaling into the world. I believe anyone should be able to do this, and if you can go a single breath in total freedom and awareness then you can go the rest of your life in this way.

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