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What happens to you in this life is largely a product of how you think and how you feel about yourself. It's a very subtle thing that is hard to get at. I'll give an example - if I want a promotion at work or want more friends the best thing I can do is imagine myself as already in that position. To really feel and integrate that into my being. It's pretty similar to method acting - your world of experience reacts and shapes itself to what is coming from within you - and then of course your world of experience comes back and shapes you too! But clearly changing the way you see yourself isn't as simple as flicking a switch - it is far easier to say than to do.

Throughout my life I have struggled with this step - how do you change the way you see yourself and feel about yourself in this world so you can live the life you really want? I'm inclined to believe this is the hardest part precisely because it's our ideas about ourselves that determine the path we go down in this life. If you start off from a bad place it's really hard to go anywhere that's not bad. There's also the often over-looked truth that what you think you want from where you are now may not be what you actually want or even be very good for you when you get there. How many stories have we heard of people striving for fame or riches only to end up in misery? Or how about when you eat a whole tub of ice cream then feel sick? There are some things - like love, peace and happiness that can't really lead you down a wrong path though. Use the light within you to guide you when you feel lost.

I want to reiterate - even though the solution to all your problems is as simple as changing your way of being, actually getting there has been anything but simple in my experience. And more of an artform than any specific set of instructions.

I want to leave you with a simple and powerful thought:

What if you already are everything you want to be and the real secret is you tricked yourself into believing otherwise?

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