The ship of life ― 2 min read

I have often wondered to what extent we are the masters of our own destiny. I feel like a sailor on the ship of my own life.

There is the weather which is sometimes favorable and sometimes very unfavorable that I must learn to adapt to and work with. When in the midst of emotional storm or some anhedonic doldrums how do I sail my ship and keep it safe. Can I learn to read the weather or sail through more favorable climes?

There is a bigger question than the weather though - where am I even going? How do I read the stars and the compass I carry? Sometimes I glimpse something interesting on the horizon that looks appealing and try to make my way there. Maybe another sailor told me of a far off land that's difficult to get to but worth it. I suppose this whole world is a make your own adventure. The answers to all these questions rumble in my soul. I feel I have often made mistakes in my life, avoiding things I believed I couldn't reach or was afraid of, or chasing things that were never worth it.

I think that more important than where you're going is how you sail and how you choose, because once you get there it's already over.

I'd rather live a life of total adventure and discovery than follow a fixed path set out for me. Give me surprises, tribulations and wonders. I want to sail with adventure in my heart.

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