True action ― 2 min read

If you want to do or be something that you are not then the moment you start trying you have already failed. True action does not come from a place where you are struggling against the nature of things, it comes from following your own path and being true to your own nature.

Your own feelings are your compass and you should hone them so you can always find your path in the universe and walk it. Your plans and pre-existing notions about who you are and who you should be will never serve you as well as your inner compass. Freedom means not being a slave to anyone's notions or preconceptions, including your own.

True action comes from a true heart. In Taoism there is the concept of wu wei which roughly means effortless action - this is the feeling of flow, of going with the grain, of following your path. When you pay attention you can feel when you are walking the right path and when you are struggling in the wrong direction.

True action is not always easy, but it is entirely worthwhile and there seems to me no greater purpose than to follow and discover your own path.

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