Where is the person you once were? ― 1 min read

The person you are now is not the same one you were 10 years ago, 1 year ago, last week. Your, cells are different, your very atoms and the very configuration of those atoms are different. Your skin is growing and flaking off moment by moment. Your entire body in this very moment is in process of life and death. So is your mind, there are thoughts you will have today that you will never have again, there are memories you have now you did not have yesterday. The very things you believe and decisions you make, even under exactly the same circumstances, are changing.

Where is the person you once were?

They are no longer here. Here is a new person, one that could be easily mistaken for the one same person you think you are.

It's an interesting thing to fear death when the person you were 10 years ago has been gone for a whole decade and noone has seen them since.

There's a you for every moment and the person you are in this one won't last into the next.

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